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Introducing Conor O’ROURKE

SIA Sponsored athlete

Santiago Investment Advisors is proud and delighted to have Conor O’Rourke as a representative and ambassador for our company and brand.

Our brand is based on our core values of Conscientiousness, Authenticity, Engagement, Curiosity, and Collaboration.  We bring together the best available resources in pursuit of optimal outcomes for our clients.  In the pursuit of his optimal outcome as a professional golfer, Conor demonstrates the same core values both on and off the golf course.

Golf is a game that rewards effort and dedication to the process.  Like the provision of investment advice, golf requires constant attention to detail, continual refinement, and mental resilience to believe in yourself and your process despite occasional adverse outcomes.

We have known Conor since he was an amateur in Naas Golf Club and have always been impressed by his passion for and personal commitment to the craft of the game.

Conor ORourke prize

A Day In The Life Of – Covid Edition

Conor O Rourke – Professional Golfer

Managed By: Underpin Sports

Touring Professional: The K Club

Sponsored By: The K Club, Team Ireland, Nike Golf, ForeGolf & Santiago Investment Advisors

During lockdown I studied to become a TPI trainer so I could educate myself and others on movement for golf. Training, mobility and nutrition are areas that I focus on and that I am really passionate about as it helps my physical and mental health plus my physical and mental game.

I begin my day early. Sometimes it’s a 6am alarm and sometimes it’s a 7am alarm, depending on whether I have a mobility and physiotherapy session booked in. I have this three times a week. I always start my day with a coffee, usually on oat milk. I take a shot of Little Dragon Supplement before or/ and during my session as a pre and during energy hit. I fast until 12pm. This is something I adopted subconsciously as I began to train more. I began to read a lot about it and wanted to trial it to see how my body would respond. It worked really well for me and it’s something that I continued to do and continue to see benefits from.

My training consist of splits of a strength day, speed day, strength day, rest day and then it works opposite to this- speed day, strength day, speed day, rest day. I have 6 sessions a week with the rest day in the middle.

I always have a 20 minute mobility warm up to prepare my body for the session ahead. On strength days I always have two leg exercises, 4 sets of 6 reps each for example a barbell squat or reverse lunge. I always have two upper body exercises, same reps, for example a bench press or strict pullups. Cable work is always on the session too. On speed days it’s much more about trying to assimilate golf- with light weight- trying to create speed and power within the movement using cables and med balls. Each session is followed by a cool-down period and sometimes I throw core into the mix too for variation.

I am a pescatarian so try to eat a range of fish, fresh fruit, vegetables, nuts etc and I have 30g of protein twice a day to ensure my protein intake helps with my muscle recovery and muscle growth. I have a daily goal of 160g of protein. I take fish oils, vitamin C, vitamin D.

Once I have my mobility, physiotherapy and training done I like to focus on reading, the books I like to read are based around mindset, positivity and golf for the most part such as The Secret, Ego Is The Enemy, Silence Is The Key and as of late for different reading I have started to find an interest in books about investing such as Intelligent Investor.

During COVID, my practice days are structured a little differently as courses are closed. I practice for around 6 hours and I am fortunate enough to be able to use facilities due to my elite status as a professional golfer. I use K Golf World for the most part, an incredible new facility at The K Club. I always play 18 holes. I do a warm up, wedge work, picking distances such as 100 yards, 120 yards, 140 yards, 165 yards, 190 yards- hit ten shots on each and for each shot I write down the distance that I hit it to keep an eye to see if I am landing on the number and to see if the length of my swing is correct or not. I then go on to play the 28 holes. I assess what is going well, what isn’t going well and practice to improve the area that needs work. I do some distance approach work and putting technique work and then I go back and work on my technique for about 2.5 hours.

Once I finish I like to spend time reading, relaxing and listening to podcasts. Netflix comes in handy too. I like to sleep early to ensure I get enough sleep and I track my days and night on Whoop. I have been using this for a year and have found it incredible and enlightening as to what rest and sleep can do for physical and mental recovery after a day of training and practicing.

Sponsorship with Santiago Investment Advisors – What It Means To Me

Working with Ronan and his team has been incredible. The financial aspect is brilliant but the partnership goes far beyond this. I have known Ronan and Gemma for years since my amateur days in Naas Golf Club and they have always supported me from then right through to now. I don’t think I have played a tournament in Ireland since turning professional where Ronan hasn’t attended to watch, support and encourage me. This gives me great confidence in our partnership, not only does he believe in me to support me financially, but always there to support me on tournament days because he has a genuine interest in golf and my progression in my career.

We talk often as I have a keen interest in learning more about Santiago and the world of investing. I am proud to wear Santiago on my apparel and can’t wait to get back on tour to represent them when I am competing.

Fun Facts

  • Represented Leinster & Ireland at Senior Level
  • Won St. Andrew Links Trophy
  • Won Nassau Invitational
  • Walker Cup Panel Member
  • Course Record in Portmarnock Links (62, -9)
  • Course Record Luttrelstown Castle (66, -6)
  • Course Record New Giza Egypt (62, -9)
  • Handicap of +5 Turning Professional
  • Qualified for Irish Open Rolex Series
  • Won Irish PGA Pro-Am at The K Club 2020

Quick Fire Questions

Links or Parkland? 

Driver or Putter? 

Draw or Fade? 

High or Low? 

Tiger or Jack? 

Favourite Hole in The K Club?






Par 5, 7th on Palmer North

Favourite Course?

Hardest Course?

World No.1 or Major Champ?

Cardio or Weights? 

Squat or Bench?

The Earth Course, Jumeriah, Dubai

The Els Club, Dubai

World No.1