Join the Santiago Team

At SIA we enjoy and take pride in our work. Ensuring clients get the best advice and advisors are well informed and qualified to give it.

We are passionate about building strong, meaningful, engaging relationships with our clients, our advisors and service providers.

We provide our advisors with:

  • a sophisticated advisory platform
  • a deep research-based understanding of markets
  • support and guidance
  • a reputable brand
  • excellent administration
  • grade A meeting facilities
  • research and analysis
  • access to experts

Our advisors immerse in meaningful work, lifetime learning, intellectual curiosity, and of course, financial reward.

Group of people having a meeting and with an advisor

Advisors who join will feel the benefit of the skill, wisdom and experience that has enabled SIA to succeed in attracting clients. We ensure nothing is lacking when advisors who join are engaging with clients to move portfolios.

SIA has the expertise and collective intellect needed to stretch for large complex cases. The depth of expertise and willingness to collaborate at SIA is empowering.

If the above resonates with you start a conversation with us in the strictest confidence.