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Financial planning takes the guesswork out of what tomorrow looks like. Good financial planning helps you answer the following: what is it you really want to do? When do you want to do it? How much will it cost? Can you afford it now? If not now, when will you be able to afford it?

Financial Planning

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Financial Planning

Financial Planning
Goal SettingRetirement planningTax planningEstate planningCash flow modellingChildcare and educationDebtPropertyCharitable donations and your legacyLong-term careElderly ParentsOverspending

Goal Setting

Everybody invests for different reasons. We take the time to find out what matters to you and design a portfolio with your end-goal in mind. Some people will want to ensure they have an adequate income to support them in retirement, while others will want to grow their assets to pass onto the next generation.

Retirement planning

What age can I retire at? Retirement planning encompasses everything from what date it is feasible for you to retire at, to the best investment strategy for your assets now that you have stopped earning an income. The various trade-off’s between working longer and potentially having greater disposable income in retirement can be discussed and analyzed.

Tax planning

Everybody is liable to tax. You pay tax as you earn income, both from your employments and your investments. Do you know the tax rates applicable to different types of investments? Are you aware of which items are tax-deductible, such as pension contributions? We can help you to understand tax-related issues and set up your investments in a way that benefits you most.

Estate planning

Have you decided what you want to happen with your assets upon your death? A will ensures that your assets will be divided according to your wishes. Planning for this unpleasant eventuality can make maximum use of Capital Acquisitions Tax (CAT) thresholds and give you peace of mind that your dependents will be looked after no matter what happens to you.

Cash flow modelling

A sound financial plan will be based on cash flow modelling, which captures your current and forecasted income and expenditures. This allows you to see where your money is going and allows us to determine an investment strategy tailored to you.

Childcare and education

Kids are expensive. Childcare and education and can eat up a considerable portion of your income. It can be hard to get a grasp on how much money you need to cover all the bills. We can help you prepare for those expensive times and advise how much money you need to invest today, so you don’t have to worry about supporting your children in the future.


Debt is sometimes seen as a dirty word. But some debt can be a good thing. We can help you analyze the financial consequences of taking on debt, paying off debt, refinancing existing debt and everything in between.


There comes a time when you want a change of home. You need more room for the new baby, or your children have left leaving a lot of unused space. We can analyze the financial implications of various scenarios, such as upgrading or downgrading, buying or selling, remodelling slightly or doing a complete overhaul.

Charitable donations and your legacy

Some people end up in the fortunate position of having more assets than they plan to use during their own lifetimes. While many people will leave their assets to their children/relatives, some may wish to donate them to an organization that they feel passionately about. There are certain considerations around tax relief and investment strategy that are important when considering your legacy. A financial plan helps you maximize the impact you can make.

Long-term care

People are living longer than ever before. This is a good thing, yet it does mean that more and more people will have to make provision for both medical and non-medical needs for many years after their retirement. These are unpleasant questions to consider, but it’s important to think about how to fund these needs.

Santiago Investment Advisors uses Voyant Lifetime Cash Flow Modelling. Voyant is an easy-to-use software solution that demystifies the financial planning process.  We work with our clients to use Voyant in planning and adapting to real-life events, before, during and after they happen

Elderly Parents

Living and healthcare expenses for your parents can take a significant account of your income. Even if your parents have their own pensions, you still need to have a financial plan for emergency situations. We can give advice on how to manage these expenses.


Do you worry you’re spending too much? Don’t panic. A financial plan will tell you what you can and can’t afford to splash out on.