About Santiago Investment Advisors

At Santiago Investment Advisors, commitment to our clients is based on our core values of Conscientiousness, Authenticity, Engagement, Curiosity, and Collaboration. Through this commitment combined with experience and expertise, we bring together the best available resources in pursuit of optimal outcomes for our clients.

“If I have seen further than others it is by standing upon the shoulders of giants”.

Isaac Newton

Santiago Investments Advisors was established in early 2015 and is built on a foundation of many decades of combined experiences. The shoulders of giants upon which we stand include investment theory and strategy, technologies which provide access to investment platforms and world-class investment solutions and the greater understanding of the decision-making biases of investors. These developments form the basis of the way we engage and communicate with our clients and of our investment process, producing structures and portfolios that are transparent, robust and liquid.

“The real voyage of discovery lies not in seeing new landscapes but in seeing with new eyes”.

Marcel Proust

Santiago Investment Advisors transforms the way financial advice is delivered to the individual investor.  We navigate by our north star of creating value for our clients over a long-term horizon.  Our investment strategies are built on a strong research base.  We deliver investment solutions without conflict of interest.  Fees are made crystal clear and we only get paid by our clients.

Our Services

At various milestones in your life your focus will shift with your priorities. The advice we provide takes account of your current situation and future plans. The advice we give is based on our understanding of you and draws on our expertise, capabilities, experience and network.

Our team

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Ronan O’Houlihan

Managing Director

Ronan has a wealth of experience gained over 35 years of managing institutional and private client funds in fixed income and equities, spanning global and developed markets. Ronan is fascinated by and recognises the significance of long term macro trends and secular shifts. Ronan plays the key role in determining the firm’s portfolio strategies which reflect his perspectives. He is Chairperson of the Santiago Investment Advisory Board.

Graham Cawley


Graham has 27 years investment experience across a range of disciplines, latterly focusing on portfolio management and advising clients. Graham is an advocate of client led, transparent, fee-based advice and bespoke portfolio management. Open, relaxed, purposeful and meaningful dialogue is key (provided we know what we are talking about!).

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Alex Cooney

Portfolio Manager

Alex holds a Bachelor of Commerce Int’l from UCC and a Master of Finance from UCD. He is a level III CFA candidate. Alex joined Santiago Investment Advisors from Davy where he gained experience in asset management and private clients. Alex is responsible for advising clients on their asset allocation and security selection taking care that portfolios reflect clients’ objectives and SIA’s strategy. Alex takes an academic, research led, structured approach to markets.

Gemma Byrne

Office Manager

Gemma has worked in Financial Services in the areas of systems administration and equity fund management. She is a Q.F.A. and holds a Bachelor of Commerce and Master of Business Studies from UCD. Gemma ensures that Santiago Investment Advisors adhere to the highest standards of compliance, client reporting and customer care.

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Investment Advisory Board

Bernard McAlinden

Bernard is a distinguished investment manager and strategist and is currently strategy coordinator for European Securities Network

Dan McLaughlin

Dan has had a long award winning career as an economist, holding a variety of research roles in stockbroking and banking. (www.danmclaughlin.ie)

Helen Thomas

Helen is a political and economic expert with extensive experience in financial markets. She is the author of the influential blog BlondeMoney. (www.blondemoney.co.uk)